Welcome to RNAmigos.

RNAmigos takes as input either a PDB file of an RNA structure, or a graph with base pairing information.

The input structure is used to predict a small molecule binding profile (molecular fingerprint).

If you specify a small molecule library, we scan it using the predicted fingerprint and return the most similar compounds.

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Contact : Carlos Oliver (rnamigos[at]cs.mcgill[doca])

You can leave either of these fields empty to get a sample.

Step 1 Upload RNA PDB or Graph (see help for format, default is 2 TAR-ARGININAMIDE Binding Site)

Step 2 Upload Ligand Library (optional)


Augmented base pairing networks encode RNA-small molecule binding preferences
Carlos Oliver, Vincent Mallet, Roman Sarrazin Gendron, Vladimir Reinharz, William L. Hamilton, Nicolas Moitessier, Jerome Waldispuhl
bioRxiv 701326; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/701326